Plumber Pittsburgh

Plumber PittsburghA good plumber?Plumber Pittsburgh

With what we can only guess is the sound of running water in the background, Chrissy Plumber Pittsburgh

Does anyone know a good Plumber Pittsburgh ?

I have 2 toilets that are running constantly, a broken faucet, and a crappy old sink that needs replacing.  After a crazy high water bill I am finally going to stop procrastinating about it but I don’t really want to just pick a name from the yellow pages.  The last time I did that I got a drunk Jerry Garcia look-alike that told me the reason my water suddenly smelled like rotting garbage was because I live in Pittsburgh.  Not entirely untrue, but I need someone with a more scientific? Plumber Pittsburgh approach to plumbing problems. Any recommendations? Plumber Pittsburgh

We called BARAK PLUMBING for an acute plumbing problem  awhile back.  They responded promptly and fixed the problem, at what seemed like a fair price.